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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Cardiff Communities Say No to Racism

There are reports on various internet sites that the English Defence League are planning to organise a protest in Cardiff under the banner of the WDL. I attended both the Swansea counter protest and the Newport Communities Against Racism day of action last year when the W/EDL was targeting South Wales.

Like the BNP, the EDL are anxiously trying to claim that they are not racists, and no doubt some of those people pulled into the orbit of groups like this aren't. But the organisers are not just right wing, not even just convinced racists (that would be bad enough) - they're fascists who are determined to exploit the social crises created by the banks, the bosses and the politicians who represent them in order to bulid support for racist ideas.

With all the main parties planning a massive assault on our living standards after the election, we've got to develop a united campaign to defend our jobs, homes and services. If the ideas of groups like the BNP, the NF and the EDL gain a foothold and they succeed in getting the working class to fight amongst itself, the millionaires will get away with the great bailout robbery. We should organise a show of unity to tell the organisers of the W/EDL that there's no place for them in Cardiff and the rest of South Wales. Join the Facebook group here. That's why we should organise a show of unity on the 5th June in Cardiff and build support in Cardiff's local communities.

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